An In-Depth Look at SOLIDWORKS Topology Optimization

An In-Depth Look at SOLIDWORKS Topology Optimization

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Many times, creating a new design model, can be difficult because a Designer needs to optimize a design while still meeting multiple other design criteria. In this webinar recording, Silvio Perez, Simulation Product Manager, will take an in-depth look at how a Topology study will allow you to set a design goal. This will help you find the best strength to weight ratio, minimize the mass, or reduce the maximum displacement of a component. This webinar is for anyone who has had to optimize a design while satisfying a given optimization goal and geometric constraints. Find out how SOLIDWORKS Simulation solves this problem for you.

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Silvio Perez

Silvio Perez is a Mechanical Engineer with experience with 3D Modeling and FEA analysis using SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS Simulation and Flow Simulation. In his current position as Simulation Product Manager, he is a certified trainer to students who are new to the software or want to learn more about solid modeling/parametric design along with structural and CFD analysis.
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Dilip Shukla
Dilip Shukla
2 years ago

Silvio Perez,
I am an R&D Engineer at Vinyl Technology Inc. In Monrovia, CA. Presently working on a R&D project in which we have to send all the drawings in Topology format, Can you help us, my be you can stop by and I will explain the project and you can give me the estimate to execute topology format drawings. We need your help ASAP as this project is due with in 10 Days.