Large-Scale Scanning

Artec Ray II 3D Scanner

The Artec Ray II captures professional large-scale 3D scans, like wind turbines and ship propellers, with high accuracy at lightning-fast speeds.
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Long-Range LiDAR Scanner for Gigantic Objects & Sites

The Artec Ray II is a professional-grade LiDAR scanner that produces high-quality, full-color 3D scans in minutes with high accuracy. It’s the best solution for capturing massive objects and sites like planes, ships, construction sites, crime scenes and factory floors.

Its wireless portability lets you scan anything from up to 130 meters (426.5 feet) away. The Ray II has automatic capabilities that pre-align your scans and subtract moving objects from the scene, freeing up your time from manual data cleanup.

Whether you want to reproduce objects, design around them, make digital twins for installs and retrofits in CAD, or inspect large objects for wear analysis, the Ray II is the perfect scanner to get the job done.

artec ray II 3d scanner

Key Features & Benefits

LiDAR Excellence

Best-in-class LiDAR scanning technology for unparalleled precision. Ideal for scanning extensive sites and large objects.

Versatile Applications

Perfect for scanning planes, ships, wind turbines, bridges, buildings, construction sites, crime scenes and factory floors.

Speed & Accuracy

Produce 3D scans with exceptional lightning-fast speeds and remarkable accuracy.

Comprehensive Scanning Capabilities

Enable the reproduction of objects, designing around them and creating digital twins for CAD planning, installations and retrofits.

Wireless Functionality

Offer wireless functionality for unparalleled flexibility in scanning locations. Portable design allows users to scan anything, anywhere.

Onboard GPS & Compass

Feature onboard GPS and compass for effortless pre-alignment of all scans. Streamline the scanning process, eliminating traditional time-consuming steps associated with LiDAR.

Automatic Object Subtraction

Automatically subtracts moving objects from the scene during scanning. Minimize the need for manual clean-up of scan data, enhancing efficiency.

Portable and User-Friendly

Extremely portable, making it easy to transport and use in various environments. User-friendly design ensures accessibility and ease of operation.

Unmatched Integration

Offer a complete scanning solution for professionals in diverse industries such as aerospace, automotive and archaeology.

Technical Specifications

Artec Ray II 3D Scanner
Technical Specifications
Scanner Type: Long-Range
Weight: 5.35 kg (11.7 lbs.)
Dimensions: 120 mm x 240 xx 230 mm (4.7 in x 9.4 in x 9.1 in)
Resolution: 3, 6, and 12 mm at 10 m
3D Point Accuracy at 10 m: 1.9 mm
3D Point Accuracy at 20 m: 2.9 mm
3D Point Accuracy at 40 m: 5.3 mm
Recommended Working Range: 0.5 - 130 m
Range Accuracy: 1.0 mm + 10 ppm
Range Noise at 89% Albedo (for single-shot measurements): 0.4 mm at 10 m and 0.5 mm at 20 m
Angular Accuracy: 18 arcsecs (0.87 mm at 10 m)
Speed (up to): 2,000,000 points/sec
Maximum Horizontal Field-of-View: 360°
Maximum Vertical Field-of-View: 300°
Scanning Tech: Time of flight enhanced by Waveform Digitizing (WFD)
Laser Wavelength: 1550 nm (invisible)
Laser Type: Continuous Wave
Laser Class (IEC EN60825-1:2014): Class 1
Color: Three 36-megapixel cameras that capture 432-megapixel of raw data
HDR: Automatic, five brackets
Operating Temperature: -5° to +40°C
Extended Operating Low Temperature: -10° to +40°C
Storage Temperature: -40° to +70°C
Dust/Humidity (for upright and upside-down setups with a +/- 15° inclination): solid particle/liquid ingress protection IP54 (IEC 60529)
Technical Operation
Touchscreen control, full-color WVGA graphic
Artec Remote app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones
Computer Requirements
Scanning: No computer required
Wireless: Integrated wireless LAN (802.11 b/g/n)
Data Storage: AS256, 256 GB exchangeable USB 3.0 flash drive
Output Formats
3D Mesh Output: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, e57, USDA
Point-cloud output: XYZrgb, PTX, x text
Power Source and Dimensions
Internal Battery: Two rechargeable Li-Ion batteries (up to 4 hours of battery life)
External Power Voltage: GEV282 AC adapter
Weight: 340g (0.75 lbs.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ray II have a size limit?
No, the Ray II has no hard size limit. You can move it into as many positions as needed to capture an area. Those scans can then be aligned and merged into a single model.
Is the Ray II eye-safe? Is it OK to work in the area while it’s scanning?
Yes, the Ray II is eye-safe. It can be used in active work areas and subtracts moving objects like people and vehicles in the scanning range.
What kind of tripod do I need?
Any industrial-grade tripod with a 5/8-inch thread will work. An elevated tripod allows you to capture more complete scans by angling down from above, and an integrated bubble level makes repositioning on uneven terrain easy.
Does the Ray II require a local power source?
No, the Ray is battery-operated and has enough battery power to scan a relatively large site. Batteries can be hot-swapped and charged in the included discrete charger while others are in use.
Will the Ray II work in strong sunlight?
Yes, the Ray is designed for outdoor use and is unaffected by sunlight.
Is the Ray II safe to use in very dusty environments?
Yes, the Ray II is rated for water and dust protection IP54 (IEC 60529).
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