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AMT Vapor Smoothing Systems

AMT PostPro SF100 and PostPro SF50 industrial vapor smoothing machines process 3D printed parts, giving them the look and feel of injection molded parts.
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Vapor Smoothing Post-Processing for Beautiful 3D Printing

Smooth your 3D printed parts to injection mold-like finishes using the AMT PostPro SF100 and SF50. These post-processing systems use a chemical polishing process that gives your parts a beautiful look while also improving color uniformity and, in many cases, sealing against water. These vapor smoothing machines can process parts from many different additive technologies, including:

  • Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • Selective laser sintering (SLS)
  • Fused deposition modeling (FDM)
vapor smoothed 3d printed part after

Technical Specifications

PostPro SF100
PostPro SF50
Chamber Dimensions
15.7” x 23.6” x 15.7” (400mm x 600mm x 400mm)
15.7” x 11.8” x 15.7” (400mm x 300mm x 400mm)
Process Chamber Volume
96 Liters
48 Liters
Machine Dimensions
33” x 55.5” x 72” (830mm x 1400mm x 1830mm)
33” x 55.5” x 72” (830mm x 1400mm x 1830mm)
Power Requirements
400V 3-Phase 16A
220-240V 1-Phase 16A or 400V 3-Phase 16A
Machine Weight
1,875 lbs.
1,765 lbs.
Recommended Operating Area
92.5” x 126” (2350mm x 3200mm)
92.5” x 126” (2,350mm x 3200mm)

Transform Your 3D Prints with AMT PostPro Vapor Smoothing

Are you looking to elevate the finish of your 3D prints to a professional level? Look no further than AMT’s cutting-edge PostPro vapor smoothing solutions.

Our innovative technology seamlessly smooths layer lines, eliminating the need for extensive post-processing. With AMT PostPro, achieve flawless surfaces, improved mechanical properties, and a premium finish, all in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Say goodbye to rough edges and hello to unparalleled quality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is ventilation or facility exhaust required to operate the AMT post processing systems?

Yes, the equipment requires proper ventilation or exhaust systems in your facility.

What happens with the old, used vapor smoothing chemical?
The used chemical is extracted into canisters that are swapped out for new canisters by AMT. The user is not responsible for disposing of the chemical.
What additional equipment is required to operate these systems?
If you are running the PostPro SF100, a chiller unit and extractor are required to operate the system. An optional extraction system is recommended for use in addition to the PostPro SF50.
Do users come in contact with chemicals?
The PostPro SF100 and PostPro SF50 both use a closed-loop system so the user should never come into contact with the vapor smoothing chemical under normal operation.
How long is a cycle on these machines?
Cycle times are 1 – 2 hours depending on the level of smoothness desired.
How smooth can a multi jet fusion part become after one cycle in this machine?
Parts typically fall in the RA 1-2μm range after a single cycle. A second cycle can further decrease the RA value to sub 1μm.
Do parts need to be bead blasted before going through the vapor smoothing process?
Yes, parts still need to be bead blasted before post-processing in these machines. Any powder that is not blasted can negatively affect the vapor smoothing process.
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