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AMT Depowdering Systems

AMT depowdering systems are designed to significantly reduce your post-processing time and labor with automated bead blasting to clean 3D printed parts of all sizes.
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Automated Depowdering Systems for Fast Cleaning of 3D Printed Parts

Speed up your post-processing of 3D printed parts with the AMT PostPro DP, PostPro DP PRO, and PostPro DP Max. These depowdering and shot blasting systems automate the 3D part cleaning process and can even be used to improve the surface finish of parts while minimizing your labor needs. The AMT product line can be divided into 3 categories: Low Volume Prototyping, High Volume Production, and Continuous Automated Production.

The AMT industrial depowdering systems are built to last, but also designed with you in mind. Each machine is designed so that you can comfortably and efficiently operate them.

3d printed part after being depowered
PostPro DP
PostPro DP Pro
PostPro DP Max
  • Low Volume Prototyping

    PostPro DP gives you a large leap from manual bead blasting and makes the perfect solution to reduce human labor in your post-processing workflow. This system has high capability in an affordable package.

  • High Volume Production

    If you run a lot of 3D print jobs, you will definitely benefit from the advanced efficiency features of the PostPro DP PRO. These features include removable baskets to queue multiple jobs for quick change operation, as well as in-process basket angle adjustment. The PostPro DP PRO also has the most convenient manual blasting option of any of the AMT depowdering systems with a dedicated blasting gun.

  • Continuous Automated Production
    For lights out production, the PostPro DP Max is a 2-in-1 system of bead blasting and shot blasting. The unit uses a continuous tumbling belt perfect for both large parts and large batches of parts with 63 liters of processing volume. If you are fully committed to automation, this is the machine for you.
  • Automated Bead Blasting
  • Manual Bead Blasting
  • Removable Baskets
  • 2-in-1 Shot Blasting and Bead Blasting
  • In-Process Nozzle Movement
  • Basket Angle Adjustment
  • Ionization
    Eliminates static dust build-up on parts.
  • Cyclone Dust Separation
    Filtration of media and dust.
  • Blast Cabinet Dust Extraction

Technical Specifications

PostPro DP
PostPro DP PRO
PostPro DP Max
Chamber Dimensions
52" x 37" x 42" or 1320mm x 940mm x 1060mm
50.7” x 41.3” x 43.3” or 1287mm x 1050mm x 1100mm
Tumbling Method
Basket Tumble
Basket Tumble
Continuous Belt Tumble
Power Requirements
480V 3-Phase 16A
480V 3-Phase 25A
480V 3-Phase 25A
Machine Dimensions
64" x 63" x 87" or 1626mm x 1600mm x 2206mm
61” x 71” x 98” or 1700mm x 1800mm x 2500mm
64” x 68” x 99” (1617mm x 1725mm x 2500mm)
Bead Blast Basket/Belt Size
Ø 23.6" x 15.75" (Ø 600mm x 400 mm)
Ø 19.7" x 12.6" (Ø 500mm x 320mm)
Ø23” x 30” (Ø 590mm x 770mm)
Basket/Belt Processing Volume
30 Liter
20 Liter
63 Liter
Minimum Airflow Rate for Cabinet

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are these AMT systems used for?
The PostPro DP, PostPro DP PRO, and PostPro DP Max are used for automated powder removal on MJF or SLS 3D printed parts.
Do these machines have a manual bead blasting mode?
Yes, the PostPro DP and the PostPro DP PRO provide both automatic and manual blast options. The DP PRO has a dedicated manual blasting area with a separate gun while the PostPro DP has a removable gun from the basket area.
How long is a machine cycle?
A machine cycle is typically 15 – 20 minutes.
How much time can these systems save over manual bead blasting?
Manual bead blasting time can vary greatly depending on geometry size and complexity; however, we have experienced anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour of labor savings per job with AMT technology.
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