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3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner

3DEXPERIENCE Project Planner is a cloud-based collaboration tool that lets you manage design projects by assigning tasks, tracking milestones, and reporting on project status.
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Cloud-Based Project Management for Design Engineers

Project Planner offers an easy-to-use tool so you can plan, execute, and monitor all of your design projects on the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform. This secure environment allows you to work collaboratively with your teams from anywhere, on any web-enabled device.

Project Planner gives you a task-specific file storage space and activity stream to keep you and your team focused to meet milestones and delivery timelines. Stay on track by sharing tasks, defining deliverables, and monitoring project status in real-time charts.

3dexperience project planner

Key Features & Benefits

Optimize Schedules

Automatically optimize project schedules based on your project constraints and resources. Break projects into manageable tasks and deliver real-time notifications of schedule changes to all team members, improving teamwork and collaboration.

Status Tracking

Easily track the status of your deliverables with notifications for tasks or milestones that are past key dates. View critical and past due tasks in simple, color-coded charts.

Graphical Views

Easily monitor and edit your project schedule. You can leverage tasks and milestones along with Gantt chart timelines. You can also create dependencies and modify information as required.

Manage Access Rights for Security

Secure your projects by managing access rights. The project owner can select who can view and edit tasks, guarding access to stored content, including CAD data and documents.

Manage Related Content

Easily manage your related content at the project and individual task level, storing and sharing files with the data management tools and collaborative spaces of the cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


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Services & Customer Benefits

Customizable Dashboard

Hawk Ridge Systems customers have access to a custom dashboard within the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Create your own quick links to technical support, training material and other helpful resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 3DEXPERIENCE?

Think of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform as a web-connected operating system for next-generation design and business applications. It allows a variety of functions to run, and these are unlocked by purchasing roles to conduct different workflows. In the case of Project Planner, it provides a web-based project management tool that also be viewed within the SOLIDWORKS interface.

What roles do I need?

To use Project Planner, each user must also have the basic pre-requisite to get access to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform – Collaborative Business Innovator. However, all users engaging with your design data will also need Collaborative Industry Innovator, so in most cases both will be needed. From there, any user wanting to build, edit and oversee overall project plans will need the Project Planner role, but tasks can be assigned to users without them needing the role.

Project Planner is intended as a simple and efficient project management tool. It doesn’t require significant planning overhead, but allows tasks and milestones to be sequenced and assigned to individuals, and for the overall project plan to be reviewed and managed. Visibility of the tasks and plan is available from within desktop SOLIDWORKS, which is a huge advantage for CAD users.

How is Project Planner licensed?

Project Planner, like all 3DEXPERIENCE roles, is purchased as a named-user term license, on either annual or quarterly terms. Each user participating in the project planning workflow will need their own license which will be aligned with their email address. Each user can be assigned different roles, based on the functions they need to perform, and each role can be reassigned once every 30 days.

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