Reverse Engineering

3D Scanning Services

Take advantage of top of the line, sophisticated 3D scanning technology to easily reverse engineer CAD models for existing designs and help with prototyping and production needs.
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Missing an Original Cad File? No Problem, We Can Reverse Engineer It

If you’ve ever needed to revise old parts – or create a complementary design – that you didn’t have a CAD file for, our 3D scanning service is for you.

Utilizing Artec, Hexagon and Geomagic technology, our reverse engineering experts can help you recreate or modify existing design files for any application.

3D scanning can simplify the design process with highly accurate 3D scans that capture millions of data points. Not only does it save you the headache of starting from scratch, but we also offer the unique capability of connecting the 3D scanning process to prototyping and production services.

3d scanning services

Services & Customer Benefits

3D Scanning

With a fleet of state-of-the-art 3D scanners that cover every size range and material type, there’s virtually no object we can’t scan.

Reverse Engineering

Leveraging top software, our experts swiftly generate precise CAD models from scans to meet your needs, whether you require a simple NURBS body or a fully editable solid model.


With both scan and probe-based inspection services available, we can help you determine if a part is within tolerance. We can extract the data you need to make better parts.

Visualization & Rendering

The Hawk Ridge Systems team can provide photorealistic renders of both 3D scans and CAD models for your more visual-centric applications.