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Whether you manage a small machine shop or a product development team at a major enterprise, SolidProfessor for Business can help you achieve your engineering design goals with our online training platform.

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As a body manufacturer focusing on work trucks, Knapheide designs everything from service bodies to platforms. And in looking for a tool to take their engineering design team’s skillsets and experience to a higher level, they needed something that could train new employees while keeping their design teams learning and engaged.

Rather than trying to keep up with the latest volumes of text-heavy reference guides and books, Knapheide switched to SolidProfessor’s online engineering training platform to meet their needs.

Watch the video to see how Knapheide saves an estimated 30 minutes of troubleshooting with each inquiry using SolidProfessor’s search tool.


15,000+ On-Demand Video Tutorials
Maximize productivity and reduce downtime with concise video tutorials. With SolidProfessor, engineering design teams can improve key skills in minutes.
Fully Customizable
Build custom online training programs in CAD, CAM, or BIM software and a variety of engineering methods for any skill level, job function, or industry.
Reporting & Progress
Identify critical skill gaps and areas for advancement in the SolidProfessor dashboard, complete with dedicated support.
Skills Assessment
Assess current skill levels and create a baseline for reference across your engineering team.
Earn SOLIDWORKS Certifications
Get access to preparation courses to put you in the best position to pass the CSWA and CSWP certification exams.
Managerial Toolset
Tailor team learning paths and gain insight into activities with reporting and progress tracking dashboard.
Access On-Demand
As an add-in to the SOLIDWORKS user interface, you can easily access course content and answers.


Give your design team the competitive edge with the flexible training and accessible resources.

On-Demand Training BenefitsOn-Demand Training Benefits


As employees gain new skills and expertise, they contribute to your bottom line with increased productivity.

On-Demand Training BenefitsOn-Demand Training Benefits


Foster a culture of learning and improvement, making your employees feel more valued and appreciated.

On-Demand Training BenefitsOn-Demand Training Benefits


Reduce costly redesign work and accelerate time to market with on-demand training resources.

On-Demand Training BenefitsOn-Demand Training Benefits


Gain security in knowing industry best practices and how to use the tools and technology efficiently.

SolidProfessor Skills Analyzer


Try the SolidProfessor Skills Analyzer to test your team—or yourself—and use real insights to help build a training program that upskills and sticks.



We aim to create a culture of continuous learning by empowering engineers and designers to take full control of honing their knowledge and skills. And we’ve built several features into SolidProfessor to help make this possible.

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Who uses SolidProfessor?
With over 5,000+ engineering design courses in our Library, there’s something for everyone! SolidProfessor is primarily used by school instructors, engineering teams, and individual professionals. We have courses for beginners and experts alike, covering everything from basic engineering design theory to advanced certification exam prep. Whether you’re just starting your engineering education or leading a team of engineers, SolidProfessor has courses for you!, engineering teams, and individual professionals. We have courses for beginners and experts alike, covering everything from basic engineering design theory to advanced certification exam prep. Whether you’re just starting your engineering education or leading a team of engineers, SolidProfessor has courses for you!
Why should I use SolidProfessor when I can find answers on Google or YouTube?
There are many free engineering design resources just a Google search away (including our own YouTube channel). While they might give you a fast answer to one SOLIDWORKS function, for example, these resources don’t set you up for success as an engineer. SolidProfessor’s platform is built for ongoing training, continuous learning, and helping you strategically achieve your goals. You should use SolidProfessor if you are looking to:
  • Augment your engineering curriculum and prepare students for a career in engineering
  • Close skill gaps and reduce design cycle time on your engineering team
  • Advance your own professional career by gaining certifications and promotions /li>
Can I use SolidProfessor for my own professional development?
Absolutely! There are many reasons to invest in engineering design training as a professional, whether it’s prepping for the CSWP exam or vying for a promotion. We offer Technical Certificates for many of our courses that you can even display on your LinkedIn! You can start honing your skills now with an annual or monthly membership. 
What companies are using SolidProfessor?
We’ve been trusted by thousands of professionals for training, continuous learning, and reducing skill gaps. These engineers have been a part of design teams at Gentex, Dexcom, AccuTemp, Kawasaki Motors, Boston Scientific Corp, Sub-Zero, and more. 
Do SolidProfessor courses take a long time?
Only if you want! SolidProfessor’s online engineering courses are designed to be concise and to-the-point, with most lessons at only a few minutes long. However, with hundreds of hours of courses in a variety of different topics, you can explore different engineering tools to your heart’s content!
Can SolidProfessor help me get a SOLIDWORKS certification?
Yes! We’ve put together courses to help you prepare for the CSWA and CSWP exams. Get familiar with the structure, style, and material on the exams and practice with guided exercises. We also have prep courses for a number of other engineering design certifications, including the AutoCAD User Certification, Revit User Certification, and Autodesk Inventor User Certification.

We’ve also helped students and instructors at the high school and postsecondary level become certified in various engineering software programs. In many states, schools can receive extra funding when students receive industry certifications.
Are there discounts for engineering teams with multiple users?
Yes! SolidProfessor for Business scales in price, making it cost-effective for your entire team to use the platform. Contact a rep to get a custom quote based on your team’s needs and size.
Do I need anything special to get started with SolidProfessor?
All you need is the world wide web and a device of your choice! As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can access every SolidProfessor course at your convenience. No other technology setup or downloads are required. 


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