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Markforged Copper Spool 200cc

Markforged Copper Spool 200cc


Markforged Copper material with high electrical and thermal conductive properties is great for heat sinks, bus bars, and induction coils. Thermal Conductivity: 350 W/mK. Electrical Conductivity: 84% IACS. Copper is only compatible with the Markforged Metal X.

SKU: F-MF-1010

Eliminate Down Time – Buying Markforged Material Is Easy

Hawk Ridge Systems is your source for replacement filament spools of Markforged materials. We make it easy to buy everything you need to maintain your 3D printer system, so you can keep your printers up and running.

If you use your Markforged printer regularly, you can burn through a spool of filament quickly. It’s important to remember if you run out of material mid-print, depending on the material, that stoppage could potentially affect final print quality. It’s always best to have an extra spool, just in case.


How Can We Help You?

The Hawk Ridge 3D printing team is dedicated to your success. We supply you with everything you need to get your printer system up and running quickly, as well as helping you to be more productive.

We are here to offer suggestions on print orientation, fiber routing, and how to make your parts stronger or build them faster.

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