Learn fundamental and advanced skills in DriveWorks to maximize your investment and build your skills to become proficient in design automation.


Why Learn DriveWorks from Hawk Ridge Systems?

At Hawk Ridge Systems, our Certified DriveWorks instructors are not just experts in teaching the software, they also have a passion for automation and have all built their own automation systems in the past. Their industry experience allows them to give you a deep understanding of best practices and tips and tricks that you can use in your own automation projects.

Want to take your training to the next level? We also offer one-on-one mentoring sessions as a way to follow up on your training, ensuring you get the most out of your DriveWorks investment.

SOLIDWORKS Training CoursesSOLIDWORKS Training Courses

Master Your Design Automation with DriveWorks Training Courses

If you are new to design automation, we offer a DriveWorks Essentials course that will give you the fundamental skills you need to become proficient in the software to build your automations. For further learning, we offer advanced training to cover topics including macro buttons, external data tables, and much more.



Built for interactive learning and free from lectures, our instructor-led courses are setup for hands-on, lab-based training either in our online training platform or in one of our local classrooms.



Our self-paced training courses offer learning around the clock. Expertly designed content is now conveniently available on your schedule – anytime, anywhere.

on-demand training


We also offer private training courses for your team, available online, in your office, or in our classroom. We can tailor our existing training content to meet your specific learning needs.

onsite training


Is DriveWorks easy to learn?

Yes, DriveWorks was built by engineers for engineers. It empowers engineers to take full control over how to automate their own designs without the need for a software developing or programming background. If you can write Excel formulas, then you can build DriveWorks automation.

To get started learning how to use DriveWorks, try out DriveWorks Xpress. It is available directly within SOLIDWORKS. This lighter version of the tool is simple to use and has self-paced training modules available through SolidProfessor. You can also access DriveWorks Xpress, Solo, and Professional training directly from the DriveWorks website. It is presented in an easy to digest self-paced format very similar to SolidProfessor.

To learn how to utilize DriveWorks Professional to the fullest, we recommend including our instructor-led courses in your learning pathway. In these training courses, our expert instructors will teach you the fundamentals – as well as more advanced skills – and answer all your questions so that you can get up and running efficiently with DriveWorks automation.

How long does it take to learn DriveWorks?

With our instructor-led courses, it does not take long at all to learn how to build a basic automation project in DriveWorks. You can complete both courses over 4 full days in the classroom or 6 partial days online. Our DriveWorks class follows a project-based format. Rather than simply teaching isolated functionality, we will be building a real working project across the span of the entire class. This will provide all the tools you need to automate your own products.

If you want to put what you learn in the classroom into action even more effectively, we recommend an Ask-an-Expert mentoring session(included as part of our Elite Subscription program or our All Access Resource Bundle) to get the most out of your investment.

What experience do I need to have to attend DriveWorks training?

To take the DriveWorks Professional Essentials course, you will need to possess a Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate (CSWA) or have taken the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course. You will also need to have been using DriveWorks for a minimum of 3 weeks prior to course start and have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Although we highly recommend having taken any of the self-paced training from DriveWorks and SolidProfessor ahead of time, it is not required.

To take the DriveWorks Professional Advanced course, you are required to have taken the DriveWorks Professional Essentials course first.

I have no prior experience with programming languages, is that okay?

Although knowing a prior language will certainly give you a huge benefit in terms of understanding logic, it is not required to be successful with DriveWorks. Writing rules in DriveWorks feels more like writing Excel formula than Visual Basic code. If you can write Excel formula, then you can build DriveWorks automation.

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