What A Drag! Simulation Stresses the Situation

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Looking back on 2015 we find a world of
applications that have been reviewed ranging from
Magic Metal Bending
Semis Increasing Gas Mileage to a complete overview of
Simulation with two SOLIDWORKS Elite Application Engineers called
SOLIDWORKS Simulation & Design Validation Training.

01 sim training

Over the course of the year 5 application engineers spent hours and hours
providing application knowledge to real life situations and you get the free
benefit of all this wisdom.  If this is catching your interest please check
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Topics and enjoy.

02 football

What’s even better about all this free information and training is that
SOLIDWORKS is continuously adding features and content to make our studies run
faster and more accurate.  Using a very simple Crawl, Walk, Run approach to
setting up design studies is a key in saving time and frustration by giving a
rough diagnosis first.

03 bodies

We simply want to know if our study is looking at the right information and is
constrained properly.  One great new feature is the
Underconstrained Bodies function found in
SOLIDWORKS Simulation.  It’s important to take a look at the new tools SOLIDWORKS rolls out each
year and this year was no exception.

04 metal

Why bring all this up?  The answer is very simple.  When you buy a SOLIDWORKS
manual you are purchasing a highly researched and diligently reviewed
generalized example.  We wanted to use the
Simulation tools
in a detailed way.  This is not something that can be done easily in a book
and in many cases seeing is believing.

05 flow

That why we take time to produce video content that will actually show the
step by step setup of a situation (like the ones mentioned above) to better
equip you as a day to day SOLIDWORKS user with tips and tricks that will save
you precious time.  If efficient use of your time and money is something that
interests you please take the time to look through the posts from 2015 as they
are a gold mine of free information.

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