Weldments and 3D Printing Fixturing

Weldments and 3D Printing Fixturing

SOLIDWORKS and Markforged have made some major updates going into 2018. Hawk Ridge Systems is excited to share these updates, especially to the Weldment feature along with the properties of Markforged's material Onyx 3D Printer with the Continuous Fiber Filament (CFF).

Join Hawk Ridge Systems for a webinar doubleheader. First SOLIDWORKS Product Manager, Todd Domke, will take you through the workflow of Weldments by building a frame to be physically welded. One of SOLIDWORKS's greatest achievements is to efficiently build a parametric framework and one thing always needed when welding is a fixture. This is where Markforged 3D Printers takes over. Luke Davis, Product Manager 3D Printing, will introduce the fixture and discuss why the Markforged X Series 3D Printer is the best way to build this application.

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February 21, 2018
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