Work From Home During COVID-19 With SOLIDWORKS Temporary Licenses

Work From Home During COVID-19 With SOLIDWORKS Temporary Licenses

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At Hawk Ridge Systems, in partnership with SOLIDWORKS, we’re looking to do whatever we can to minimize the inevitable disruption in this very difficult time, as many of us need to work from home due to the COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak.

We recently shared a comprehensive guide for Working From Home, where we described the available tools and techniques available within SOLIDWORKS and its licensing scheme to allow you to keep using the software remotely.

However, we realize those schemes won’t work for everyone. Many of our customers aren’t able to provide VPN access to company networks due to security reasons, or don’t have that IT infrastructure in place. Or you may not have a laptop computer or access to the company network to borrow a license.

solidworks working from home covid 19

In response, SOLIDWORKS is providing access to 30-day temporary standalone licenses for qualifying subscription service customers who are otherwise unable to use their company’s SOLIDWORKS software.

If you need assistance with this, or just want to discuss your situation in general, please contact us or reach out to our support team by email or on our web/chat service. You can also reach out by phone at 1.877.266.4469 and we’ll do our best to help you out and get you back up and running.

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Glenn Whyte

Glenn Whyte is the Director of Technical Sales at Hawk Ridge Systems. He is involved in the implementation and support of SolidWorks Simulation tools for mechanical, thermal, and fluid flow analysis, serving HRS customers up and down the West Coast.
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Howard Wilkinson
Howard Wilkinson
2 years ago

Hello Glenn,
We are a small, speciality, high-tech engineering/manufacturing company in Chatsworth (I actually live in Woodland Hills, very near your office) who has a serious need to somehow access SolidWorks, especailly the FEA and flow analysis modules. Because we are small, we have not yet been able to afford our own SolidWorks licence. However, we use SolidWorks through a membership in an incubator co-op fabrication lab in Vista, CA named OSML (Open Source Maker Labs). And unfortunately, OSML is closed due to the covid-19 situation and will be for the forseeable future. We are currently in the middle of a project with Scripps Institute of Ocenaology and the US Navy to test a new underwater acoustic seismic source that we are developing. The test dates are scheduled for the very near future, and we need to finish some of the analysis work we were doing with SolidWorks before ocean testing begins. Our 2 engineerings do not have time to learn new software or to start all over again, so we are hoping that you and Dassualt/SolidWorks can help us find a quick solution to our porblem. I would appreciate it if you could give me a call on my cell phone @ (818) 726-1661 as soon as possible to discuss some solutions. Thanks in advance for your quick response, Howard Wilkinson, VP of Operations and Business Development, GPUSA, Inc. (