Hawk Ridge Systems Partner Reopens Dental Offices with Corona Shield

Hawk Ridge Systems Partner Reopens Dental Offices with Corona Shield
February 17, 2021

At Hawk Ridge Systems, we’re proud to have established relationships with a range of respected product and service suppliers through our Certified Partner Program. We vet the solutions these companies offer based on their ability to fill the gaps in a typical SOLIDWORKS-based engineering process. One such partner, designPORT Product Development, is our official partner for product creation and engineering services in California, Oregon and Washington. DesignPORT was established in 2006 to provide engineering services to Western US and Canadian customers, and this experience gives their engineering team an unrivalled perspective and success record. Engineers at designPORT are experienced in building medical, military, industrial and consumer products through their time-tested process. In addition to products, their in-house incubator has launched multiple medical devices, industrial equipment, iOT and sporting goods companies. That record is why, with the coronavirus raging and causing the closure of small businesses, designPORT was contacted to help produce safety equipment to prevent the transmission of the virus.

Developing Protective Barriers

The American Dental Association recommended that dental offices stop using high-speed tools that aerosolize and spread virus particles throughout an office until adequate protection could be devised.


Within 90 days, designPORT designed, prototyped and successfully laser tested the Corona Shield™, their solution for a protective barrier that was both lightweight and easy to manufacture. “The SOLIDWORKS Simulations were so accurate that the very first prototype passed FDA 60601 stability requirements and the vacuum system fully evacuated the shield” said Doug Porter, President of designPORT. “For a portable medical device with seven degrees of freedom and a weightless arm that is simply incredible. With COVID-19 raging, even a week is critical.”


At the same time the prototypes were being started, the SOLIDWORKS models were also being used for ergonomic studies. Every position a dentist or hygienist might be in was simulated to make sure it would be comfortable. The 3D models were used again to animate them for training videos.

The End Result

DesignPORT and the University of Milan in Italy are conducting further tests to explore additional benefits of creating a perimeter of containment.


This is just one example of how our community pulls together during a crisis. We are proud to have a long history with designPORT and showcase what they were able to do during the ongoing battle against COVID-19. For more information on SOLIDWORKS and the tools used, contact us at Hawk Ridge Systems. Thanks for reading!

February 17, 2021
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