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Predator MDC allows you to monitor your shop floor and collect real-time manufacturing data, including what is running, how many parts have been made, machine idle time, and much more.

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Monitor You Shop Floor in Real-Time to Improve Your Manufacturing Performance

Are you looking for assistance to improve your manufacturing processes? Let Predator MDC automatically monitor OEE, cycle times, setup time, downtime, and many more statistics – in real-time – to improve your processes. Create a usable history of data with MDC and then use that data to compare and improve processes.

Predator MDC helps you monitor the shop floor by collecting data from various machines on your floor for analysis. It features thousands of charts and graphs to utilize the data and make informed decisions and improve your shop floor's performance.


Automatic and Manual Data Collection
Machine monitoring is automatic and error-free for events such as job start and end, setup start and end, cycle start and end, and much more. Data is collected automatically using software, hardware, custom macros, and other methods without requiring operator training or input. Predator MDC also supports manual monitoring initiated by machine operators.
Monitor All of Your Machines at Once
Predator MDC supports up to 4,096 CNC machines, robots, PLCs and ATE Test Stands per workstation for simultaneous tracking of cycle time, setup time, teardown time, downtimes with reasons, good parts, scrap parts with reasons, and an unlimited number of user defined events.
Real-Time Machine, Job, and Part Dashboards
Keep track of your shop floor productivity. Every second is tracked per machine, job, part, operation, shift, and person. Real-time dashboards display current machine, part, job, operation, and personnel status. These dashboards can be viewed from anywhere, at any time.
Multiple Plant Support
Predator MDC supports an unlimited number of plants or buildings and allows multiple locations to share a single database for enterprise-wide reporting.
Unlimited Number of Data Collection Events
An unlimited number of data collection events – including cycle start, scrapped parts, etc. – can be collected via 16 different methods designed to maximize automatic machine data collection and minimize manual data collection.
Open API and Database Architecture
Integrate your ERP and MES system with Predator MDC’s open API. Develop ERP and shop floor validation. Flow part and job numbers from your ERP directly into Predator. Many other automation projects can be completed with C#, C++, VB.Net, VB6, VB script, Windows Script, Delphi, and other compatible programming languages. Predator MDC is based on an open architecture client/server database standard. Select from Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, or Oracle.


At Hawk Ridge Systems, we are dedicated to your success and take the entire manufacturing process seriously. We have built a dedicated team of manufacturing specialists who bring software expertise and industry experience to our services and support team.

The Hawk Ridge team created a custom bar code for the operators at one of our customers to select when waiting for material. After reading the reports, we were able to help them identify an issue of 1.5 hours per day lost while waiting for material to be delivered to the machine cells. Identifying this issue helped them address it and improve their shop floor flow.

  • With the data being created in real-time and unable to be edited, they could track the efficiencies of both their machines and operators.
  • Management was happy to find that they could instantly discover what machines were and were not running and adjust accordingly.
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Our dedicated manufacturing services team provides complete installation services to get you up and running quickly with Predator software.



Hawk Ridge Systems has a team of certified support engineers who specialize manufacturing, ready to assist with your questions or challenges. Our substantial experience with Predator installations gives us a great understanding of how to support both the Predator software and the hardware that goes with it.

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Can you track metrics per machine?
Yes, you can setup the system to track per machine.
Is the OEE reporting accurate?
Yes, Predator uses the industry standard metric to calculate OEE.
Do I have to track metrics by operator?
You do not have to track by operator, but you have that ability, if required.
Can I compare shifts?
Yes, you can track and compare different shifts.
Can I compare machines running the same part?
Yes, you can, and you can also compare cycles versus machines for comparison. We have had customers compare machines to assist in future purchasing decisions.


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