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Outsourced Engineering Services

Leverage staff augmentation through our Expertise & Capacity Services to help fill resource and skill gaps, when and where you need it.
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Leverage Our Expertise To Keep Your Top Talent Where It Counts

When it comes to keeping your CAD and PDM environments running smoothly and optimized, companies often put their highest performing engineers to the task.

Aren’t there more important activities for these most experienced people to work on? We think so.

Regardless of the challenges you face – time, tools, skillset, or budget – what you probably need is a long-term solution to achieve continuous business growth. For over 25 years, Hawk Ridge Systems has helped companies where they need it most – whether filling resources gaps, mentoring and upskilling your team, or effectively managing administration duties.

So, what are you waiting for? Let our project managers, CAD and PDM administrators, and other specialized experts free up your team so they can get back to what they do best.

engineering services
Level 1 Service Plan
Level 2 Service Plan
Develop and execute a continuous improvement plan
Monthly sprint review meetings with Project Manager
Performance audit, maintenance, and benchmarking
Targeted evaluations
Develop, train, and audit best practices
Skill gap assessment and development
Virtual onboarding support for new engineers
1:1 user mentoring
SOLIDWORKS Data Management Admin Specialist
SOLIDWORKS CAD Admin Specialist
Process Improvement Specialist
Visual Rendering Specialist
Technical Documentation Specialist
Additive Manufacturing Specialist
Electro-Mechanical Design Specialist
Simulation Analyst Specialist
Fast Track Add-On: Doubling the resources from our team