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Eliminate costly misconceptions and mistakes with targeted technical and visual product documentation, created throughout your design process.
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Caztek & Inspire Medical Come Together

When Inspire Medical needed help with their sleep apnea device, they turned to Caztek Engineering. Having expertise in medical designs and complicated assemblies, the team was able to move through the design process efficiently, taking advantage of SOLIDWORKS functionality.

Impressive renderings, critical documentation and design control capabilities helped create a final model that impacts lives and gives their work meaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy Technical Communications products through Hawk Ridge Systems?

We have been actively supporting, training, and selling all four of our Technical Communications products since they were released. If you have an issue, there is an exceptionally good chance we have seen it before. Even if we have not, we have the largest technical team in the industry standing by waiting to help.

Why are these programs grouped together?

Each program plays its part in the documentation process that is essential to the lifecycle of a successful product. We have grouped them together so you can easily view them in one location.

Why does SOLIDWORKS have so many animation programs?

It’s true, there are 5 options for animation, each with its own purpose. Built into SOLIDWORKS there are Animation and Motion Study. Both use the same timeline, but Motion Study incorporates some simulation automation. Both are made for the engineer working within SOLIDWORKS CAD for proof of concept and testing. PhotoView360 is built for the engineer that will render directly within SOLIDWORKS.

Outside of SOLIDWORKS, we have Visualize and Composer, both intended to be used by anyone, bringing the data out of SOLIDWORKS and accessible to departments such as marketing or technical publications. SOLIDWORKS Visualize is intended for photorealism and is a raytraced rendering tool, which means you will have to wait for the rendering to process. SOLIDWORKS Composer is intended for quick technical publications; it is not photorealistic but is very fast and gets the point across.

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