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RPG Offroad — CAMWorks Case Study

Our CAMWorks customer, RPG Offroad, drastically reduces machining times, increases throughput, cuts costs and extends tool life using CAMWorks solutions. Here’s how the company saved money and time going from a one-month to a four-day production cycle:

  • Cut over $40,000 each month by bringing machining in-house
  • Used CAMWorks’ associative link with SOLIDWORKS CAD to program toolpaths automatically
  • Extended its tool life using CAMWorks VoluMill since the team runs the equipment 10 hours a day for 17 consecutive days

RPG Offroad saw 30% business growth each year and is now looking to expand to a second production facility. Learn more about how RPG Offroad changed its production and grew its business.

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RPG Offroad CAMWorks Case Study
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