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From Prototype to Production: Maximize Efficiency with Formlabs Fuse Series

Explore how the Fuse Series is revolutionizing manufacturing with optimized workflows and automation.
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Master SLS Printing Efficiency

Discover how Formlabs’ Fuse Series SLS 3D printers are reshaping manufacturing processes. Join us for an exclusive session unveiling the latest innovations in SLS technology. Learn about the groundbreaking software updates, advanced materials, and hardware enhancements that can transform your production capabilities from rapid prototyping to end-use part production.

Explore the full ecosystem including the powerful Fuse 1+ 30W printer, the Fuse Sift powder recovery system, and the new Fuse Blast for automated post-processing. Gain insights into workflow optimization, cost-effectiveness, and real-world success stories from businesses integrating SLS 3D printing.

Formlabs Fuse ecosystem with operator

What You Will Learn

Workflow Acceleration

Gain insight into how software updates have accelerated workflow to enable 3 times faster time to part, enabling you to quickly produce prototypes and end-use parts.

In-house Benefits

Explore achieving professional-grade parts with enhanced surface quality and finer feature resolution while uncovering the advantages customers experience by adopting in-house SLS 3D printing.

Fuse Blast Post Processing

Learn how to get clean to the touch parts in as little as 15mn with Fuse Blast’s automated post-processing.

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