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Cutting the Toughest Parts: CAMWorks and Machine Simulation

Engineers in Aerospace know weight savings are critical. Join us to explore how CAM tools are adapting and producing in record time.

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Keeping Up in Aerospace

Engineers in the Aerospace industry know that weight savings are critical. New technologies like simulation and generative design are enabling parts with organic shapes and intricate features.

Does this spell the end of the road for traditional manufacturing?

Join Product Manager Daniel Lyon for a look at how CAM tools are adapting to the new normal and producing 4- and 5-axis parts in record time.

camworks turbine

What You Will Learn

Complex Parts

See examples of complex parts being designed for today’s aircraft​

The Latest CAM Techniques

Explore the latest CAM techniques enabling the production of these sophisticated shapes​

Accuracy of Machine Simulation

Learn how machine simulation can validate the accurate production of these parts before cutting steel​

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