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3 Ways You Can Design Packaging Using 3D Scans

Explore these three innovative ways engineers use 3D scan data to enhance their package designs.

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Put 3D Scans to Work for Your Packaging Designs

3D scanners have paved the way for highly customized products, and for packaging designers, this means a whole new world of creating better ways to protect, seal and box everyday goods.

By adapting 3D scans and the right CAD software into their workflow, packaging designers can capture an accurate visual of products and develop a design that fits them perfectly — all while reducing design times and prototyping costs!

In this webinar, we’ll explore these three innovative ways packaging designers use scan data to create molds for blister packaging, develop accurate negative CAD files for foam packaging, and produce unique grippers to wrap around products. We’ll also discuss important pointers as you use your scan data and design your packages.

view of artec 3d portable scanner screen

What You Will Learn

Learn how to easily work with 3D scan data in CAD software

Gain insight into mesh modeling tools available in CAD software

Explore how to add scan data into packaging design workflows

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