Whether you are looking for on-demand training, access to the latest software releases, exclusive resources and offers, or just needing expert support – there's a subscription option for you.



With our new, exclusive Hawk Ridge Systems Subscription plans, you have more resources than ever at your fingertips.

Choose from three plans that not only offer the latest software updates and world-class technical support, but also on-demand training through SolidProfessor, SOLIDWORKS certifications, discounts and more!



We’ve been around long enough to know that the one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really work in our industry. From Fortune 500 companies to those just starting in their garage, every organization has different needs.

That’s why we’ve revamped our Subscription services to include more options for you.

Explore our Elite and Essential plans to determine which is right for your unique business objectives.


Take advantage of these exclusive benefits available with your Subscription service plan.



Take control of your knowledge and skills with over 7,500 online courses and an expansive library of resources.


Technical Support

Questions? Ask us! Our team of engineering and manufacturing experts is available to answer any questions you may have on SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks, 3D Printers and more.

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New Releases and Upgrades

Receive the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS software when it’s released. Having the current version helps keep you on pace with clients – and the competition.

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SOLIDWORKS Certification

SOLIDWORKS certifications can be used as a benchmark to measure your knowledge and competency with SOLIDWORKS software.


 SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard and Visualize Standard (Pro & Premium Subscription).



Get your designs into production faster, avoid costly rework and work from one common model when you have a fully integrated CAM system.



Utilize your 3D CAD data to create incredible renderings, interactive images & videos, Virtual Reality (VR), and so much more.


Everything in Essential plus ...


Ask An Expert Session

Take advantage of our team of SOLIDWORKS, Simulation and PDM pros by scheduling a consultative session with one of our experts.

Learning Opportunity Min

Live Instructor-Led Training Credit

Built for interactive learning and free from lectures, our learning spaces are set up to foster hands-on lab-based training. Learn from a live instructor in-person or in our virtual training environment.

3d Design Engineering Tools

Services Discount

Hawk Ridge Systems provides a wide range of services to get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS product portfolio. Take advantage of the wide range of services we offer at a discounted Elite rate!


SolidProfessor On-demand Training Site License

Elite Subscription Success Plan is access to a SolidProfessor “site license,” which includes logins for up to 3x the number of Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription users.


Get the most out of your investment in SOLIDWORKS, and boost your team's performance with the new Subscription packages from Hawk Ridge Systems.

Technical Engineering Support

Hawk Ridge Systems boasts a 12-hour support window and coast to coast coverage, delivering best in class service to our customers and their engineering needs. Our highly experienced technical support team can help with any issue, regardless of product and level of complexity.

Software Upgrades

Automatically receive the latest versions of SOLIDWORKS software when it’s released. Having the current version helps keep you on pace with clients -and the competition - without ever missing a beat.

SolidProfessor On-demand Training

SolidProfessor has over 7,500 online lessons covering CAD, CAM, Simulation and Engineering theory with topics such as GD&T and Finite Element Analysis, SolidProfessor puts an expansive library of learning resources at your engineering teams’ fingertips.

Exams and Certification Prep

Pass the CSWA, CSWP, and CSWE exams with SolidProfessor’s guided tutorials, sample exercises, and practice exams. In addition, work towards achieving SolidProfessor technical certificates in top engineering design skills. Show off your achievements by adding SolidProfessor’s industry-recognized certificates to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Free SOLIDWORKS Certification Exams
  1. One free core (CSWA or CSWP), one free advanced (CSWPA), and one free specialty exam voucher can be received for each seat of SOLIDWORKS on Subscription Service
  2. Vouchers can be requested twice a year – one in the first half beginning in January and another in the second half of each calendar year beginning in July
  3. Over 30 user Certifications
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard

SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard is the fastest and easiest way to produce photo-quality images for taking “photos” of 3D data, cutting costs, and accelerating time-to-market with compelling imagery. (SOLIDWORKS Professional or Premium required for access to Visualize Standard)


SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard allows users to quickly program individual parts and configurations without leaving the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD environment.

3D Printing Service Voucher

$500 issued each year, not accumulative year over year.

  • Voucher offers no cash value.
  • Voucher is a one-time use only. If you do not use the full value of the voucher during your initial purchase, no credit will be carried over for future purchases.
  • Voucher may not be combined with any other offers.

Get started with your 3D printing voucher.

SolidProfessor On-demand Training Site License

SolidProfessor has over 7,500 online lessons covering CAD, CAM, Simulation and Engineering theory with topics such as GD&T and Finite Element Analysis, SolidProfessor puts an expansive library of learning resources at your engineering teams’ fingertips. Unique to the Elite Subscription Success Plan is access to a SolidProfessor “site license,” which includes logins for up to 3x the number of Elite SOLIDWORKS Subscription users you have. This is a great option for teams in a multi-CAD environment, or an engineering team larger than your SOLIDWORKS user base, all of who would benefit from access to on-demand training.

Schedule “Ask an Expert” Session

Take advantage of our team of experts by scheduling a consultative session. This is a great opportunity to tackle a topic that’s outside the scope of technical support, and a great opportunity to get going on a project to enhance your usage of SOLIDWORKS tools. Whether you’re looking to get into automation, take advantage of tools like design checker, costing or just want to understand best practices for a certain sector, these sessions are a valuable one-on-one engagement with an experienced SOLIDWORKS engineer. (One 2-hour session per annual Elite subscription).

  • A company will get an equivalent number of “Ask an Expert” sessions to the number of SOLIDWORKS Elite seats on subscription.  
  • One 2-hour session per annual subscription per user. 
  • Sessions must be pre-scheduled and are normally available with a 5-business day lead-time.  
  • Summary of key topics (with examples) should be provided ahead of time, for an optimal experience.  
  • “Ask an Expert” sessions cannot be combined into a larger consulting project, nor can an “Ask an Expert” session be broken up into multiple shorter sessions.  
  • “Ask an Expert” sessions are non-transferrable between companies, not redeemable against other offerings and are coterminous with the parent subscription. 
  • HRS reserves the right to limit the scope of the “Ask an Expert” session when the topic presented exceeds the available time allowance.  
  • The primary deliverable is a recording of the session, if requested.  
  • Sessions are delivered online only - we’ll provide a video/screensharing app link. 
  • Register here: Ask An Expert Session 
Live Instructor Led Training

A $500 Elite Training Credit to apply to any of our Live Instructor-Led Training (delivered via our virtual training environment or in the classroom). Our live instructor-led classes are a great compliment to SolidProfessor, providing an even more in-depth dive into the software and advanced topics of interest. (**Credit must be used within the subscription period and cannot be combined with previous years).

  • Elite credits are coterminous with its respective Elite subscription, typically 12-month expiration, no extensions, no exceptions.
  • Training must start before expiration.
  • Elite Credits that are part of a multi-year subscription will be issued credits for each of the years on subscription.
  • All credits will be issued at the beginning of the subscription period and require a minimum of 9+ months of subscription.
    • Prorating Example: If a customer is on a 3-year renewal and has 1 year and 9+ months remaining on the contract, they will receive (2) full $500 credits per Elite user.
  • Credits may be combined with other credits towards any course or any user/s.
  • Credits can be used for the following instructor-led training.
    • Single classes
    • Private/tailored training
      • Cannot be used for new content creation.
      • Private/tailored training timelines, delivery and materials subject to individual statement of work.
  • Credits can be consumed in $250 increments. Redeem easily by registering for a class on our website, we will deduct the value from available Elite Training Credit funds. If funds are not available to cover the whole cost of the class, the customer will pay the difference.
    • Examples:
      • A customer registers for a $1,200 class consumes the value of 2.5 Elite Training Credits or $1250. No "change" is given.
      • A customer registers for an $800 class, which consumes 1.5 Elite Training Credits or $750, but only has a single credit available or $500. The customer will pay the $300 difference before their attendance is confirmed in the class.
  • No additional discounting is available when using vouchers to pay for training.
  • No call/no show cancellations may be subject to forfeiture of allocated Elite Training Credits.
  • Elite training credits may not be used for services or mentoring, or to purchase other non-training items.
Services Discount

20% rate reduction towards any services project. Can be used for multiple service projects.

  • Services discounts are limited to Hawk Ridge Systems services that are internally provided. 
  • Services delivered by third party service providers are not included. 
  • Migration and integration services are excluded from the services discount program. 
  • Service discounts are non-transferrable between companies, not redeemable against other offerings and expire at the conclusion of each subscription period. 
  • All service purchases are final and will be invoiced upon receipt of purchase order. Services must be completed within one (1) year of purchase date or payments will be forfeited. Fees are non-transferrable to other purchases. 


What does it mean to be on Subscription?

When you are on Subscription, your organization has access to valuable software releases, service packs, and value-added resources and training provided by Hawk Ridge Systems.

You will receive the latest software releases and have access to all the service packs for your SOLIDWORKS software. Unlimited access to our Technical Support Team, on-demand and online training courses and access to our extensive Knowledge Base of frequently asked questions (FAQs) are just some of the benefits you will receive by being part of the Hawk Ridge Systems SOLIDWORKS community.  

What is included in Subscription services?

Subscription service includes technical support from Hawk Ridge Systems, software release upgrades, and access to the Hawk Ridge Systems SOLIDWORKS user community. Depending on the Subscription service package, you will receive access to SolidProfessor online training and on-demand tutorials.  

What is the difference between Essential and Elite Subscription?

You will receive the same high quality technical support from Hawk Ridge Systems with either the Essential or Elite package. The advantage of the Elite program is that you will have access to an on-demand site license for SolidProfessor up to 3 times the number of your SOLIDWORKS users. This offers significant value for customers with several users, or those with multiple CAD applications.

In addition, Elite offers “Ask an Expert” sessions, a live instructor-led training credit for $500, and a discount of 20% off Hawk Ridge Systems services.  

Why should I purchase Subscription services?

Enrolling in Subscription service helps you get the most out of your SOLIDWORKS software, because access to the latest product releases and expert technical support saves you time and money.

Improved software performance, innovative new product features, live technical support and 24-hour electronic technical support help keep you focused on what matters most designing great products.

Hawk Ridge Systems also offers productivity accelerators with exclusive training options with SolidProfessor for those customers on Essential or Elite Subscription.   

What is included in technical support?
  • Technical support for SOLIDWORKS from 80+ experienced engineers 
  • Live phone, chat, web, and email support 
  • New software releases & upgrades 
  • Access to the Hawk Ridge Systems Knowledge Base with hundreds of articles 
What is the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is a web-based hub for SOLIDWORKS resources including:

  • The latest versions of SOLIDWORKS software and service pack updates
  • A Knowledge Base and a wide range of technical documents, such as Help, Tech Tips, Macros, and Best Practices
  • Ability to make enhancement requests
  • View your service requests (SRs)
  • View your software performance reports (SPRs)
  • Edit your customer profile
  • Share your customer experience with the SOLIDWORKS development team 
  • Preview SOLIDWORKS beta versions and upcoming SOLIDWORKS Early Visibility (EV) Service Packs 


Start making the most of your CAD tools now with the best supporting resources.

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