An intuitive Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution embedded within SOLIDWORKS that enables you to quickly and easily simulate liquid and gas flow through and around your designs.

Fully Embedded Analysis

Full associativity with 3D SOLIDWORKS CAD files to quickly and easily evaluate design changes and what-if scenarios


Customizable simulation reports and the use of eDrawings to share simulation results

External and Internal Fluid Flows

Analyze fluids inside your geometry, around the outside, or both

Automatic Cavity/Fluid Volume Detection

Direct detection of fluid region(s) on your SOLIDWORKS models

Time-Dependent Flow

Simulate transient processes like start-up, cool down, or cycling

Subsonic, Transonic, And Supersonic Regimes

Accurately simulate gas flows up to Mach ≈5


Predict local bubbling in liquids

Conjugate Heat Transfer

Accurately calculate the temperatures in your model due to conduction, convection and radiation

Laminar and Turbulent Flows

Prediction of laminar-turbulent boundary layer development and associated effects

Rotating Geometry

Define rotating regions for pumps, fans, impellers, and more

Multi Species Flows

Predict mixing of liquids or gases

Export Results to SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Transfer temperature and pressure results to stress analyses in SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Free Surface Flows

Simulate a liquid and gas in the same space e.g. filling, spraying, or sloshing

Acoustics FFT Plot

Predict fluid noise levels over a range of frequencies

Heat Flux Schematic

View flow diagrams and pie charts of heat transfer between components

Basic Engineering Database

Library of fluids, materials, components, and more

Expanded Engineering Database

Additional materials & components (extra content differs for each add-on package)

Joule Heating

Calculate heating based on electrical conditions (current, voltage, resistance)

Printed Circuit Boards Model

Define circuit board layers for more accurate conduction

Heat Pipes Model

Include the thermal effects of heat pipes

Two-Resistor Component Model

Define heat sources with j-c and j-b heat transfer specifications

Semi-Transparent Materials

Predict radiation heat absorption through glasses, plastics, and more

Comfort Parameters (Including MMV, PMV And Draft Temperature)

Industry-standard results for predicting environmental comfort such as MRT, MMV, PPD, ADPT, draft temperature, CRE, and LAQI

Tracer Study

View the flow of an admixture tracer in a carrier fluid


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