CAMWorks Premium combines feature and knowledge-based machining, with a full suite of advanced multi-axis (3 through 5 axis) simultaneous milling capabilities and advanced turning and mill-turn capabilities into a single integrated easy to use system.



CAMWorks Premium includes 2.5 thru to 5 axis Simultaneous milling capabilities as well as support for multi-tasking machines including quad turret, dual spindle, B axis mill turns. Program a variety of 4 and 5 axis, roughing and finishing machining strategies including, swarf, port, and impeller machining.


  • Automatic Feature Recognition

    Automatically recognizes over 20 types of features on SOLIDWORKS part models, reducing programming time by as much as 90% compared to traditional CAM software.

  • Knowledge-Based Machining

    Capture and reuse your programmers’ best practices, reducing programming time by as much as 80% and provide a database to store employee knowledge.

  • 2.5 Axis Milling

    Program prismatic features using 2.5 axis milling operations such as Roughing, Finishing, Face Milling, Thread milling and single point (Drilling, Boring, Reaming, & Tapping) cycles.

  • Assembly Machining

    Run multiple parts in one program, whether you’re running a Vertical/Horizontal Machining Center or a Router, Plasma or Laser. Import programs from part files to the assembly to streamline production and use fixture avoidance to produce collision-free programs.

  • 4th & 5th Axis Indexing/Positioning

    CAMWorks will automatically calculate the indexing angles when machining multiple setups. Optimize your programs to minimize setup times and reduce tool changes whether you’re programming for a tombstone, a trunnion, or a gantry 5 axis machine.

  • 2.5 Axis Volumill

    Optimize tool engagement and minimize tool wear using Volumill high feed/speed toolpath whilst reducing cycle times by up to 80%.

  • Mill Turn

    Program quad turret, dual spindle mill-turn lathes for a broad range of turning strategies such as roughing, grooving, finishing, threading and hole-making along with support for C/Y/indexed B axis milling operations with live tooling and part transfer capability for sub-spindle machines.

  • Multiaxis Roughing

    Advanced 5 axis rough milling capabilities including area roughing, plunge roughing,and rest machining to minimize air cutting.

  • Multiaxis Milling

    Advanced 5 axis finishing strategies including swarf and port machining, engraving, and dedicated cycles for impeller machining. Use automatic holder checking to automatically convert 3 axis toolpath to 5 axis toolpath quickly and easily. 

  • Multiaxis Drilling

    Program drilling operations in 5 axis with control over rapid repositioning.

Camworks Features
  • 2.5 Axis Premium

    Program 3D contoured surfaces using an Area Clearance roughing operation, and Z-Level and Flat Area finishing operations.

  • Tolerance Based Machining

    Utilize SOLIDWORKS Model Based Definition (MBD) dimensions and tolerances to automatically adjust machining strategies and program parts quicker and within specification.

  • CAM Configurations

    If you use multiple configurations in SOLIDWORKS for creating a part family, minimize your programming time by copying program from one configuration to the next. Simplify file management by programming multiple operations for different CNC machines in one file.

  • CAMWorks NC Editor

    Edit, backplot and transfer your code to the CNC

  • Turning with Sub Spindle

    Program your 2 axis dual spindle lathe easily using Automatic Feature Recognition to find face, OD & ID features, grooves and cutoffs. Program part transfers between the Main and Sub Spindle including standard transfers, grab and pull, and phase and speed synchronization.

  • Rotary Milling

    Program 4th axis wrapped features in CAMWorks Standard, including wrapped pockets, slots, open profiles, and engraving.

  • Synchronous Machining

    Synchronize multiple channels using wait codes to reduce cycle times. Drag and drop make it easy to move tools and operations from one turret to another and using the CAMWorks Sync Manager, the tool station number, cut direction, and tool paths are all updated automatically.

  • Virtual Machine Simulation Standard

    With CAMWorks Virtual Machine Standard you can back plot the CL Data while seeing the machine kinematics, dry-runs for program validations are eliminated and setup time is dramatically reduced. Full Collision Detection and Avoidance technology provide the ability to thoroughly check programs for accuracy and avoid costly machine collisions and programming errors, ultimately reducing scrap and improving overall quality.

  • Gouge Checking

    Collision detection looks at each toolpath and the surfaces to decide if the tool tip, tool shaft or holder is colliding. The check is done at each calculated tool position. Groups of surfaces can be defined, each with its own avoidance strategy.

  • Multiaxis Mill Turn

    Program multi-turret, dual spindle B axis machines with a broad range of turning strategies such as roughing, grooving, finishing, threading and hole making along with support for C/Y/B axis milling operations up to 5 axis simultaneous with live tooling, and part transfer and synchronous machining capabilities.


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With a reduction of air cutting, rest machining techniques will help save time and tool life for your shop.

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