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With the Hexagon Absolute Scanner AS1, you can easily scan objects with almost any surface type, capturing high-quality scan data quickly.

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The Most Accurate and Broadly Capable Portable 3D Scanning Solution

The Absolute Scanner AS1 is the pinnacle of 3D scanner technology for portable measuring arms and laser trackers. It is the ultimate all-around portable and versatile measurement solution for components of any size. The thoughtful cross-platform design of the AS1 allows it to be used on portable arms, or as a handheld in combination with a laser tracker, making it more versatile than ever. Switch seamlessly between probing and scanning with the flick of a switch. Need to probe into a confined or hard-to-reach area? Both the pistol grip and the laser scanner can be easily removed & reattached in seconds without the need for recalibration.

Using the innovative SHINE technology from Hexagon, the AS1 allows you to scan 99 percent of surface types with the default exposure settings. The blue laser in the AS1 is able to handle highly shiny surfaces better than most 3D scanners, including polished chrome.


Scanner type
Blue laser line scanner
0.016 mm (PForm.Sph.1×25:ODS)9
Point acquisition rate
up to 1.2 million points/s
Points per frame
max. 4000
Frame rate
max. 300 Hz
Line width (mid)
150 mm
165 ± 50 mm
Minimum point spacing
0.027 mm
System scanning certification
Laser class
Operating temperature
5 – 40°C


With extensive real-world experience and a large 3D scanner lineup from multiple brands, the Hawk Ridge team will work with you to evaluate your specific needs and use case in order to ensure we recommend the right system for you. Our dedicated support specialists and flexible training programs will ensure you get the most from your 3D scanning investment.

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Not ready for an in-house solution yet? Hawk Ridge can provide scanning, scan-to-CAD, and inspection services. Our extensive fleet of scanners can tackle virtually any job, regardless of size, and our modeling experts use the industry’s most powerful tools to get the job done fast.



Every company is different, and when it comes to training for 3D scanning, one size doesn’t fit all. Hawk Ridge Systems can tailor a training plan to focus on the needs of your application.

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Our scanning support specialists are 100% dedicated to our 3D scanning applications, have passed rigorous testing standards, and have extensive experience using our scanning products in the real world.

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How exactly is the Absolute Scanner AS1 better for large objects?
Most arm-based laser scanners only work while attached to the arm. But the AS1 can be removed from the arm and used as a handheld scanner in conjunction with a laser tracker. Essentially, the laser tracker, with its much larger range, takes over for the arm and maps the data together by constantly tracking the location of the scanner. This allows for complete freedom of movement over a large area and achieves better accuracy than would be achievable by moving an arm from place to place. Yes, the Leo allows you to hot swap batteries on the fly. Two-slot battery chargers are available so you can continuously rotate without stopping the scan process.
Will this scanner handle very shiny objects?
Yes. The blue laser in the AS1 can handle even the shiniest surfaces, like machined aluminum and polished chrome.
Can the laser and handgrip be removed easily if I need to probe into tight spaces?
Yes. They detach quickly and easily. You can also reattach without the need for recalibration.
How easy is it to switch between probe and laser scanning?
Very easy. A flick of the switch located on the trigger will switch seamlessly between probe and scan modes.
What software do I need to use the Absolute Scanner AS1?
Hexagon arm users have many software options open to them. There are options directly from the manufacturer like PC-DMIS and Inspire. You can also scan and probe directly into most major inspection and reverse engineering products like Polyworks, Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS, Control X, Design X, and Dezignworks.
Is this laser eye-safe?
Yes, the blue laser is safe for your eyes.
How accurate is the AS1 when used on the Absolute Arm?
It varies with size range but, for example, our 8-foot capacity 85 Series arm is accurate to 0.002” over the entire length of the arm when using the laser. When using the probe, it is accurate to 0.001” over the entire length of the arm.


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