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To succeed in the business world, every company needs to avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Produce poor quality products.
  2. Manufacture products at huge costs.
  3. Have a slow production line.

General Pattern understood this very early on and invested in the HP MJF to have a huge competitive advantage. But as you know, a machine is only useful when you know how to use it and have the technical support that goes with it.

This is where Hawk Ridge Systems came in handy. By supplying them with the most suitable 3D printers for their needs, we enabled General Pattern to:

  • Produce quality products at a lower cost.
  • Mass produce enterprise-level products.
  • Produce at a turnaround time that is unheard-of until now.

And all of these led to a staggering 30 million annual revenue.

Curious to know how to leverage the HP MJF to get such performance?


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