Machine Shop Owner Impresses Client with 3D Printing

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 8AM - 845AM PDT

Phil Vickery, President and Owner of Centerline Engineered Solutions, goes out of his way to help clients. But machining a punch and die for a low-volume 14-gauge steel part made the job prohibitively expensive.

Join Markforged for a live conversation with Phil to learn how he leveraged industrial 3D printing to:

  • Dramatically reduce costs by printing the tooling out of chopped carbon fiber and reinforcing critical points with steel inserts.
  • Increase productivity and reduce cycle times by printing jigs, tools, and fixtures
  • Expand manufacturing capabilities and win new business opportunities

Click here to reserve your seat today and gain exclusive access to the live Q&A.

Daniel Leong

Daniel Leong, Lead Content Engineer at Markforged
Daniel Leong is the Lead Content Engineer at Markforged. Originally from Idaho, he graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Mechanical engineering. At Markforged, Daniel works on bridging the gap between traditional machining and 3D printing.

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