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The Internet’s Most Extensive Webinar on HP 3D Printers

The main difference between companies that INNOVATE and those that don’t is the KNOW-HOW, not the vision.

Think about it: If Apple’s engineers didn’t know how to make the first iPhone, Jobs’ dream would’ve just been a dream.

The same principle applies to your company. And Hawk Ridge Systems is here to give you the necessary tools and know-how to make your ideas become a reality.

Ever wanted to produce colorful parts? Getting dimensional accuracy and repeatability has always been hard for you?

This webinar got you covered. In that webinar, our experts walk you through:

  • How to get dimensional accuracy and repeatability that rivals industrial tooling.
  • What the full-spectrum color capabilities of the HP 580 are, and where it's used effectively.
  • And more...

Such an in-depth explanation of HP 3D Printers is nowhere else on the internet. Make sure you grab your chance to watch the recording.



Application Engineering Manager

Rob has an extensive background in engineering and manufacturing, particularly in the additive manufacturing realm. His responsibilities at Hawk Ridge Systems range from managing our team of additive manufacturing engineers to customer support with 3D printers and custom builds.


Additive Manufacturing Specialist

With over six years of experience in the additive manufacturing industry, Charlie works to help clients find the right 3D printing solutions for their unique business needs. Specializing in both Markforged and HP technologies, he is well-versed in available materials and machine capabilities to match various applications.

HP Jet Fusion 5200 CLEAN


Discover how HP 3D printing technology can change your manufacturing workflow by producing quality parts (in whatever color and material you need) while saving you time and money.

And you can have it all without sacrificing quality.

Sounds too good to be true, but it's the kind of hype we like and can confidently stand by.

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