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Implementation, Data Migration, and Training for Manufacturing Tools

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The best manufacturing companies out there are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve their products. The problem these days is a story that you’ve probably heard before:

  • Everything is more expensive now (thanks inflation!)
  • People want to get paid more (yes please!)
  • And employee turnover/lack of incoming engineering and design talent.

The Same Old Story: Make Things Cheaper, Better, Faster

Despite whether the market is up or down, these are constant problems to address that require a proactive approach. There’s always a need to make things less expensive and more productive to drive profit and grow market share.

There are many ways to go about this: Re-center company objectives/mission, cut staff, train and retain existing talent to decrease turnover, bring in more automation, and cut costs with your vendors and third-party suppliers where you can, even if that means re-negotiating contracts or changing suppliers.

While we’re not in the business of telling you which staff to cut or what your company mission should be, if you use additive manufacturing hardware, software, or services, we’ve got some tips on where you can cut costs and maximize your investments:

  1. Switching suppliers
  2. Maximize employee investment through training and retaining existing talent
  3. Adding even more automation for mundane tasks to increase time for R&D

Here’s What Other Manufacturers Have to Say About Hawk Ridge Systems Services

Hear from our customers directly on why they chose Hawk Ridge Systems over other vendors:

Company Name: Forgeline Motorsports

Industry: Automotive

Use-Case: Software and Services, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and Hawk Ridge Systems Services

“Working with Hawk Ridge [Systems] has been fantastic. Their customer service is second to none.”

Forgeline Motorsports product

-David Schardt, President at Forgeline Motorsports

Pezo Solutions Team with One of Their Designs of a Bike Ramp

Company Name: Pezo Solutions

Industry: Manufacturing

Use-Case: SOLIDWORKS Simulation, and Hawk Ridge Systems Training

“Hawk Ridge Systems training is super great to work with. The courses were very easy to use. The instructor was very easy to talk to, and the class size was about 10 people. And after taking those courses, I felt confident using SOLIDWORKS Simulation.”

-Nick Keskey, Mechanical Engineering, Pezo Solutions

Company Name: Spartan Racing

Industry: Education

Use-Case: Hardware, Software, and Services, HP Jet Fusion, SOLIDWORKS, Hawk Ridge Systems Services

“Working with Hawk Ridge Systems, they mentioned additive manufacturing. That led us to working with the Multi Jet Fusion to print some high-precision and high heat tolerance parts.”

-Student at San Jose State University

Company Name: Brandner Design

Industry: Architectural Design

Use-Case: SOLIDWORKS, SolidProfessor

“Hawk Ridge Systems is responsive and supportive for any of the questions we’ve had. Set up and installation were easy. We use Hawk Ridge Systems and SolidProfessor for tutorials, especially for our new designers.”

-Matt Keller, Designer at Brandner Design

So, What’s in It for You When You Partner with Hawk Ridge Systems?

Hawk Ridge Systems offers a large portfolio of professional services to help companies in the manufacturing, industrial equipment and machinery, and aerospace and defense industries, as well as other industries. That way you can maximize your product development team’s efficiency and carve out more time for research and development.

Our expert team is comprised of engineers with experience in YOUR industry, and we make sure to put the right account executive and engineer partner on your account, so you are working with the best.

We help teams get set up with new software and serve as an extension of your team when needed so you can scale or expand your capacity. We also train on a variety of additive manufacturing tactics and strategies so your team can level up their skills and processes.

Dig into the Details of our Engineering and Manufacturing Services

Implementation Services

Forget lengthy planning, building, and testing phases when you implement new manufacturing software. We take the stress out so you can get set up from day one. We’ll configure complex software like DriveWorks, SOLIDWORKS Manage, 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS, CAMWorks, PDM Professional, Markforged Digital Forge Essential. We’ll tailor the implementation to your business needs and specific processes.

Integration Services

Hawk Ridge Systems has been providing integration services to help smooth out how information is exchanged between SOLIDWORKS and other tools like PLM or ERP for over twenty years! We’ve seen it all at this point, and we can make integration easy for your team.

Data Migration Services

With our data migration services, you can reduce risk, downtime, and get rid of duplicate data.

Our engineers have spent years fine-tuning the data migration process. We start by creating an accurate scope of your project and help you migrate your data without interrupting business.

CAD and PDM Admin Services

No one loves paperwork (well maybe project managers to some degree!), but it’s a necessary evil. Our administration experts can fill in resource gaps for your business so you can keep your designers and engineers doing what they do best – designing and creating.

Analysis Services

No budget for a full-time analyst? No sweat. Use our team of simulation experts to validate your designs using advanced simulation solutions including FEA, CFD, and electromagnetic simulation.

Manufacturing & Prototyping Services

We help you optimize the materials and performance of your parts. Whether you want to build out your additive manufacturing practice internally or build high-performance, high-quality parts quickly with the help of our manufacturing experts, we’ve got a team for you to help you scale.

Assessment Services

Sometimes you don’t know where to start when it comes to optimizing your processes and an outside perspective is needed. That’s why we offer audit services where we’ll go over your current software systems and design processes and build you a customized plan designed to provide you with continuous improvement.


Maybe you’ve got a really sticky “one-time” problem you need some extra engineering assistance with? We provide mentoring services that are available virtually or in person, focusing on best practices and how to solve your toughest design challenges. That way you can reduce design time and maximize efficiency (and profit.)

Custom Training

Get everyone on the same page with our custom training options. You can level up with our customized training sessions which we will tailor exactly to your team and your business.

Overview of Hawk Ridge Systems Services

Maximize Your Investment: Product Development Partner with Decades of Experience and An Expert Engineering Team

If you want more information about our services, check out our article about services from Hawk Ridge Systems or read about all the services we offer.

We tried to fit as much as we could into this short article, but there’s always more than what’s on the website, isn’t there? Get in touch today. We want to partner with you!

Picture of Hawk Ridge Systems Resource Hub

Hawk Ridge Systems Resource Hub

It often takes a team to solve a problem – and sometimes it takes a team to write about it. The Hawk Ridge Systems Engineering Team is comprised of our Product Managers, Applications Engineers, and Support Engineers. They've collaborated on this article to bring you the most accurate information about the solutions you use for design and manufacturing.
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